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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Help in the Battle against Wikipedia

Hey, whoever reads this pointless blog. GOOD MORNING!!!!'s 5:30.
Check out my new shiny profile and links!!!! Now I know you see Wikipedia (the online encyclopedia) as a link and think "Wikipedia?!?! What the fuck!?!? He must be a sellout!!!!!" Well I'm not a sellout. The reason I put Wikipedia was my friend and I have been changing what the encylopedia says to hilarious stuff for a while now, but the stiff old farts always change it back and block us. What I want you to do is go to Wikipedia, go to one of the articles and change it to say something ridiculous. This is easy, at the top of each article is a thing you can click on that says "edit page", click on it, and change whatever you want on it. They can't block all of us!!!!!! Anyways today was a day. Not nearly enough cheese... get those mail in opinion thingies mailed in (see a new and noninteresting day). I'm going to put some links to some completely hillarious jokish things (Star Wars Gangsta Rap anyone?) so come back soon..................... BYE!


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